Cameron Sweeney









St. Charles, Il. / Marmion Academy






Choosing Concordia

Cameron’s intrigue to play for the Concordia Falcons was first piqued after meeting with a recruiter, and soon after he started researching the Falcon’s past soccer seasons. Then later visiting the campus and meeting with the coaching staff, he knew he wanted to be a part of the CUW team.

“I got an electrifying vibe when I came to visit the school the very first time. Even though it was extremely foggy out and you couldn’t see a thing, while walking around campus I just got that ‘feeling’ that this is where I would fit in the best.”

About cameron

Appreciating good style and skill, Cameron enjoys watching the talented Landon Donovan and keeps tabs on his success. However, in general Cameron does not root for any particular soccer team, but rather simply enjoys the thrill of a good game.

His ultimate soccer memory was when he attended a match in Natal, Brazil with his high school. He described the exciting experience as “surreal” because of the infectious energy and passion of the Brazilians’ cheering on the teams. What Cameron loves best about soccer is not necessarily beating the opposing team, but simply when the team works together to perform to the best of their abilities.

Life at CUW

Not only does Cameron appreciate Coach Saleska’s leadership on the field, but he also enjoys having him as a professor in the classroom. Due to his personal interest in biology and because of Dr. Saleska’s engaging lectures, Biology 141 is Cameron’s favorite class at CUW.

One of his campus highlights so far is Concordia’s Lakeside Luau because of the fun and fellowship with other students. When he is not studying or playing soccer, Cameron enjoys relaxing either at the Nest or in his room with his friends. They can frequently be found in their dorm rooms intensely competing with one another on FIFA or GameCube.