Jake Swihart









Oostburg, Wis. / Oostburg







Choosing Concordia

What attracted Jake to Concordia was the serene campus and small class sizes. He especially appreciated the dedication of the professors to help prepare their students succeed and the fact that he could personally connect with his each of them.

Raising the Bar

Setting high standards was an important priority for Jake when he was researching schools. Intrigued by the Falcons winning tradition, he decided to investigate more about the soccer team, and soon decided that Concordia would be a great investment.

What Jake enjoys best about playing soccer is the nonstop pace of the match. The stakes are high because every play is important and could make a solid win or cost the game.

“I wanted to come to a school where I was constantly being pushed to get better.”


Maro Reus, Cristiano Ronalo, Zlatan Ibrahimović, and Paul Pogba are only a few of Jake’s favorite players. Although overall, the team Manchester United ranks as number one for Jake.

One of the most incredible soccer games he has ever experienced was watching the 2010 World Cup Final in San Sebastian, Spain. When Spain won, Jake could hardly believe his eyes as the streets were instantly flooded with thousands of screaming Spaniards.

Life at CUW

Jake appreciates the having class with Professor Tomesch the most. So far the highlight of campus has simply been meeting new people and building more friendships. For the most part, Jake can be found with his buddies either in his dorm in the Nest.