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Grafton, Wis. / Grafton









Choosing Concordia

Ever since he was in 8th grade, Killian had planned to go into the field of pharmacy. Because of the eminent program offered, Concordia instantly stood out to him. Killian also appreciated the small class environment because it allowed him to become acquainted with his classmates and form a personal connection with the professors.

“I love how every play doesn’t come from a book and that every player has to think on their toes.”

Playing for the Falcons

Since Killian had wanted to continue to play soccer after high school, he decided to check out the program as well. From the start, the atmosphere of the Falcons and the attitude of the players greatly appealed to Killian. Now what he appreciates about the sport the most is the spontaneity of the game.

About Killian

The team Killian enjoys watching the most is Real Madrid, particularly their goalkeeper Iker Casillas. When he attends games he likes to follow the complex action, but best of all he loves the energy of the crowds like their roaring reaction to a call from the referee, their songs, their drums, and their cheers.

Life on Campus

One of Killian’s highlights so far is the Lakeside Luau because of the opportunity it provided to meet new people and form more friendships. He loves learning about biology especially when he can relate it to his field of study. Currently lab has become his favorite class at CUW because he can perform experiments in small groups and observe biology’s effect in everyday experiences.

Although Killian does not often have time to relax, he likes to take a few minutes to think to himself at the base of the bluff stairs. Watching the waves lap against the shore lets him unwind and release any stress from the school day.